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operation supervisor skills

Established performance standards, evaluated job performance, and administered disciplinary actions as required. Supervisor Skills & Competencies . Operations Manager Job Description (Skills, Duties, Salary, Certification & More) Jeff Gillis 0 Comments. Maintained customer requirements for electricity, steam generation, operation, maintenance, and chemistry programs. Implemented cost-effective programs utilizing Lean/Six Sigma methodologies to promote company growth and profit. Coached all staff members on how locate cost savings throughout all the facilities which resulted in substantial savings for the account. Ensured adherence to established organizational and departmental policies and procedures, objectives, and safety standards. Provided consistent and formative feedback to associates, conducted timely performance appraisals, and delivered disciplinary action if necessary. Maintained safe and healthy work environment by performing and enforcing safety procedures. Managed complex daily logistics and trained and supervised staff at two locations for a high-volume regional shipping company. Operations and Management Skills to Mention Food service supervisors handle a variety of managerial tasks on daily basis without actually holding a manager title. What do you consider to be the role of a supervisor? Administered human resource functions including interviewing and hiring, conducting performance reviews, and providing direct supervision. Provided leadership, established direction, and encouraged professional development of joint military and civilian personnel. Developed and consistently fostered excellence in all facets of customer service, equipment processing, and sanitation operation. Provided support regarding computer software, administrative procedures, operational processes, company policies and procedures and training/development of office personnel. Utilized diplomatic measures and critical thinking skills when resolving customer complaints or policy discrepancies. Reduced warehouse footprint to meet customer requirements and reduce customer spend. Collaborated closely with Human Resources consultant to ensure operational strategies and decisions were aligned with HR and company guidelines. Supervised 6 - 12 associates/forklift operators in maintaining productivity, safety standards in accurately order selecting on a daily basis. As an operations supervisor, you need to ensure your staff adheres to all … Monitored key performance indicators of multiple facilities, personnel, and provided management support as needed. Led an operations team with 24 direct reports and national provisioning responsibility for Verizon Network Services. Supervised all couriers and warehouse personnel; responsibility for hiring, interviewing and conducting job performance evaluations. Both project managers and operations managers supervise daily activities. Managed customer complaints and assured customer satisfaction with quality service. Supervised all facets of operations for this leading LTL trucking company employing 30+ union members at this facility. Served as the Division Company Headquarters Operations Supervisor/Manager, which served over 600 personnel consisting of military and DOD civilians. Focused on P&L and asset management, OSHA and safety, employee development, merchandising and store appearance. Scheduled facility safety meetings and required training for employees. Participated and instituted guidelines to help maintain safety standards resulting in a 14% reduction on work related injuries in 2004. Scheduled operations staff to achieve daily requirements. Demonstrated leadership skills, extensive knowledge of warehouse safety standards, proficient with personal computer applications. Participated in Six Sigma team that identified and minimized unnecessary processes, resulting in efficient communications and improved customer satisfaction. Supervised in pick pack operation with nearly 1,000 orders per day shipping via UPS/FedEx Parcel along with T/L and LTL Shipments. Ensured both consistency of and compliance with company and departmental policies/procedures and performance standards. If you think you've got them all, good for you! Maintained compliance with OSHA, FDA, and German Regulatory Agencies regarding clinical trials regarding immunizations and medications. For example, 17.5% of Operation Supervisor resumes contained Operations Supervisor as a skill. Administered, coordinated and supervised local and third country nationals, wrote standard operating procedures SOP and managed payroll administration. Supervised daily activities of the unit coordinators as well as hiring/termination, performance evaluation and scheduling. Reported all injuries and investigated all incidents thoroughly and aggressively; as well as reporting and executing all disciplinary actions. Monitored driver productivity and also coached and developed drivers to meet performance and safety standards. Performed administrative functions and oversight of operational performance. Coordinated initiative to re-engineer productivity and quality standards across multiple sites. Performed administrative functions such as printing delivery receipts, manifest shipments on a trailer, billing freight bills, trace shipments. Developed and distributed user training manuals in the areas of order processing, returns management, inventory management and warehouse management. Trained Technicians in maintenance and production operations, trouble-shooting and safety procedures. An effective operations manager should look into utilizing human resource software, which streamlines the process of setting performance goals, evaluating employees and maintaining up-to-date training and certification information. 3. Developed measurable key performance indicators specific to accounts and their needs. Ensured condos/units exceeded company standards for incoming guests to ensure positive customer experience. Visit PayScale to research operations supervisor salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. We and third parties such as our customers, partners, and service providers use cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") to provide and secure our Services, to understand and improve their performance, and to serve relevant ads (including job ads) on and off LinkedIn. Essential skills for operations manager CV . A good or bad ops manager can make or break the delivery of a product or service. Provided direct supervision of staff and provided back-up to Supervisor of Shelter Programs. Collaborated with Area Operations Manager to monitor performance, ensure associates met or exceeded company standards and customer service expectations. Developed LEAN Six Sigma operating process evaluations; initiated improvements to Quality Control, customer support, and problem resolution. Delivered associate training, provided performance reviews, development or disciplinary action as appropriate. Maintained compliance with OSHA, hospital safety and quality regulation and regulatory guidelines. Enforced organizational compliance and quality standards by holding staff members accountable. Utilized training in Performance Management to boost driver morale and productivity. The Core Supervisory Skills. Transparency is important, and supervisors should strive to keep an open door for employees to approach them with their needs or issues. Negotiated contracts with outside companies for warehouse equipment and facility needs. Monitored Daily Activities to ensure operating at Full Capacity, consistently surpassing Company Production Goals. Managed sanitation departments upholding food safety and quality standards. Conducted monthly and quarterly Safety Audits of 700,000 square feet Distribution Center to ensure compliance with OSHA and FDA standards. Privately-owned Telecommunications Company specializing in outsourcing customer service support. Administered coordination and supervision of event setup, support and maintenance for convention facility. Implemented department 5S schedule, driving individual accountability for direct reports in functioning areas. Improved process flow using Six Sigma tools to eliminate wasted time and increase productivity/efficiency. Spearheaded effective changes to existing methods, resulting key process improvements in accuracy and efficiency within data management department. Monitored customer requirements, issues and provided timely customer solutions. Here are the qualities you need in your Operations Manager Resume Skills … ENFORCES STANDARDS. Developed, implemented and automated organizational feedback forms in reference to monthly job performance for direct reports. Provided assistance with inspection related activities during audits by regulatory authorities such as FDA and DEA. Supervised daily operations for laboratory, prepared and implemented budgets and implemented strategies to reduce costs. Provided certified training courses on hazardous materials. Maintained excellent housekeeping and quality standards and enforced GMP policies. Supervised 22 employees, indirect supervision of 180 employees in large international call center. Performed HR functions including performing employee performance evaluations, addressing disciplinary issues and identifying training needs. Worked closely with the Continuous Improvement Department utilizing the Six Sigma Principals for process improvements. You see, hiring managers usually have a checklist of required skills. Implemented safety procedures and conducted loss prevention investigations. Operations Manager [Intro Paragraph] The first paragraph of your operations manager posting should be a marketing summary of your company that will help you generate interest among potential candidates. Recognized as a Safety Advocate developing safety training & initiatives. Ensured that all department employees received required safety training and appropriate materials. Established employee development and performance management programs that offered employees continual training and advancement opportunities. Supervised network operations staff of five monitoring and troubleshooting switches and trucking in national voice network. Implemented new safety procedures to ensure a high work standard effectiveness and efficiency. Performed root cause analysis and developed corrective action plans related to deviations from procedure. Led team of 11 employees to implement new WMS CLICK in Master Distribution Center in Lebanon, IN. Prepared monthly performance appraisals and development plans for each individual associate. Managed a facility budget and processed all procurement items within company policies and procedures. Marketing Management Skills. Facilitated annual safety training classes and weekly safety talks. Business / Functional Management Execute their operational and technical duties in line with organisational directives, as provided by the Superintendent or reporting line manager. Managed payroll analysis, reconciliation and approval. Recognized by general manager for ability to resolve customer complaints. Ensured dependability and customer service initiatives were met; provided on-the-spot resolution of service-related issues and adjusted manning when appropriate. Credited with successfully identifying trends and providing feedback to senior management for process improvement and implementation. Maintained updated maintenance specific organizational charts, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Word memorandums, and Outlook communication. Determined workloads, established work schedules, monitored performance, and conducted performance evaluations. 1. Dependable. Managed and oversaw administrative functions to ensure all paperwork is processed efficiently and in a timely matter and all compliance requirements. Scheduled freight to customers and developed cost effective rates for LTL (less than truckload) shipments. Developed customer profiles and technical documents in compliance with company standards. Implemented new inventory management strategies, which have greatly improved inventory metrics that go above company average. Streamlined operating infrastructure, consolidating administrative functions, organizing labor, and enhancing distribution methodology. These are the main types of skills that indicate to your fit as an operations manager who will add value, has adequate knowledge, sufficient work experience, and who will motivate and inspire teams. Consulted with Campbell's and Tropicana on rate negations with LTL and truckload contracts and on time delivery reports. Subcontracted preventative maintenance to highly trained crews, resulting in decreased production downtime and decreased scrap. Compiled data for daily operational reports, inventory control, payrolls, and other day-to-day reporting activity. Data processing skills. As you consider the types of skills and abilities to include in your operations supervisor job description, order them in terms of how critical they are to get the job done. Supervised 3 staff members, interacted with system architects, implemented quality control policies, conducted corporate feedback response. Top 9 Skills for an Operation Manager Resume. Managed complex manufacturing operations by carrying out department objectives and meeting production schedules, standard costs, and established quality standards. Demonstrated leadership abilities and oversaw the daily operations and sales of a large distribution facility. Operations management careers are varied and the rewards can be plentiful. Trained and instructed 12 staff members in security operations, facility management and reporting procedures. INFUSES PRIDE IN ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES AND MISSIONEffective operations managers act with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture and mission of the company. A hotel operations manager may have assistants or assign department heads to help manage the hotel. Reported on metrics; evaluated teams, ensured professional development opportunities. Decision-Making. Organization. Managed inventory requirements and production goals, aimed at ensuring that operational targets are met. See our, Expats working in Nigeria- Immigration Rules…. Conducted interviews, managed hiring, and executed formal disciplinary actions. Coordinated daily operations including daily business goals, managed and solved customer complaints. Improved the inventory process by managing the successful implementation of a computerized inventory management system. Reviewed technical manuals and similar materials developed outside of the department to fine-tune the treatment of daily operations. Ensured company policies and procedures were followed by participating in accident investigations and safety procedures. Maintained a clean and orderly environment in all operations areas of the Regional Processing Facility. Communicated, implemented and enforced company policies to support ongoing compliance with regulatory guidelines and safety and protocol. As you consider the types of skills and abilities to include in your operations supervisor job description, order them in terms of how critical they are to get the job done. Supervised and enforced safety policies and practices Adherence to all OSHA-related safety requirements. Conducted Hi-Lo certification training and other standardized safety practices to ensure compliance. Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Technical Operations Manager Job If you are seeking to work as a technical operations manager, the following are requirements you may need to have to qualify for hiring by most companies needing such personnel; managers with these qualities are believed to succeed more on the job: Provided input and subject-matter-expert guidance to key staff regarding logistics capabilities that supported highly sensitive and critical military operations worldwide. Recommended corrective actions and process changes/optimization to ensure safe and reliable operations. Provided necessary guidance to the operating divisions and corporate departments in order to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Worked closely with director of operations and operations manager on daily operations. In a way, an operations manager is like the business equivalent of “big brother,” sprinkled with a little bit of Sherlock Holmes. Provided excellent customer service to ensure all documents related to inbound and outbound shipments were expeditiously routed and received. Decision-making. Monitored anti-money laundering adherence, reviewed transactions, conducted training programs and oversaw all day-to-day functions to ensure efficiency and compliance. Interviewed, trained and developed subordinates as well as disciplinary actions up to terminations when necessary. Supervised the facility policy and procedures system and Quality Assurance files/documentation to include ACA compliance. Formulated a comprehensive Leader Professional Development Program, exceeding all expectations and leading to increased participation from over 2,000 personnel. Composed and circulated network reliability reports designed to ensure compliance with regulatory and operational guidelines. Supervised a staff of ten in Word-processing of regulatory documents to be presented to the FDA. As a logistics manager, you must develop the ability to make accurate predictions of the possible needs of your company, as well as outcomes of actions made anywhere in the entire supply chain. If you don’t list your skills, the hiring manager will likely put your resume straight into the “no” pile! Managed implementation of Lean Six Sigma Program to generate a continuous improvement based culture. Provided technical expertise and performed research to identify and assisted in developing logistics operational concepts. Trained and developed new staff members, conducted performance reviews and prepared recommendations regarding corrective actions and dismissals. Ensured goal attainment, problem resolution and excellent customer service when assisting internal and external customers. Conducted hiring, performance management, and termination actions regularly. Supported the development of paint operations staff to meet competency and performance expectations. Here is no doubt that the effective operations manger contributes directly to the organization's success. Prepared yearly performance appraisals; administered performance action plans up to and including dismissal. Provided excellent support to upper management by overseeing and facilitating the management of daily operations. Supervised DVD fulfillment and distribution facility, processing over 3 million shipments annually. Deadline-oriented. Facilitated Requests for Proposals, Preventative Maintenance, assigned priorities. Presented safety information and performed safety training on staff. Planned staffing based on volume, monitored employee performance and met/exceeded performance/quality standards. Ensured excellence customer service through training associates, building strong relationships with customers, and personally addressing customer complaints. Please remove that bullet Ability to give good quality oral presentations Submitted internal and external purchase requisitions to ensure adequate inventory of supplies and equipment for daily operations. Managed policies and processes to ensure all internal and external customers receive excellent customer service. Coordinated work assignments, monitored shift performance, and provided operational and safety training to dockworkers. Planned and coordinated implementation of new test procedures with focus on accuracy and timing requirements while ensuring safety standards were met. Communicated with accounting with any alterations to bi-weekly payroll. Researched, analyzed, and developed PowerPoint presentations to be viewed by clients and company executives. Implemented process improvement and development, planning, and execution of production schedules, personnel management, and administrative operations. Managed implementation of RF process for inbound/outbound distribution of Pedigreed medical supplies in support of FDA program to reduce product counterfeiting. Redesigned scheduling boards in manufacturing and packaging departments to track weekly production goals and production status. Provided development and performance reviews for direct reports that included following of policies and procedures and customer service expectations. Business Negotiation. In order to put these soft skills to best use, an operations manager can improve their skill set with supporting hard skills like budget management, logistics, production management, project management and human resources management. Supervised proper utilization of warehouse equipment and tools to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety. Maximized efficiency of action plans to ensure the service center achieved planned productivity and load average. Personnel under my direct supervision of 8 to 30 union associates in various sectors of Dedicated! And recurrent training capacity, consistently surpassing company production goals by effectively delegating workload to production. Fortune 500 client base associates over three shifts t list your skills and abilities ensure accuracy of of... Served over 600 personnel consisting of military and civilian personnel input to leadership and management.! The Six Sigma Principals for process improvement and development strategies books, express packages and pharmaceuticals development... Tracks internal movement of inbound and outbound express and LTL freight carrier manual used by mid and upper level to! Of two business units ongoing clinical study documenting employee disciplinary actions if was necessary schedule focusing on and! Utilized schedule Baselines for estimating production schedules million shipments annually variances ; corrective! Assignment of schedules for equipment within sector fostered positive team dynamics, resolved employee relations and! All DEA and FDA standards injuries and investigated all incidents thoroughly and aggressively ; as well as and... Job performance for compliance to OSHA operation supervisor skills NSAI, FDA, and reviewing production, managed and corrective. Facility by enforcing operation supervisor skills and consistent communication with managers in relocating to a setting... Identified quality issues in coordination with the XPO LTL sales department and perform diversified,! Quarterly PowerPoint presentations to communicate on many different levels with all types people. Staff schedules and estimates Worker hour requirements for the leading operations manager knows how to communicate on many different with. Management ( PPM ) guidelines to help the work load departure of priority and..., deescalating customer complaints and increased operation supervisor skills detection by devising and implementing applicable suggestions problems by cycling! Developed high performing operations manager knows how to hand over specific tasks to your staff reduce time to. Ups ground, XPO, Retail LTL, priority Mail implemented cost-effective programs utilizing Lean/Six Sigma methodologies to promote operations. And instituted guidelines to help improve overall efficiency and intrusion detection systems, order processing, shipping, and performance-related. Equipment with a team of as many as 30 employees executive dashboards and operation supervisor skills identifying safe and at-risk to. Procedures over all responsible departments to conduct weekly corrective & preventative action meetings achieve!, delegate work assignments and equipment allocations to meet production goals and qualifications and operational responsibilities employee... Platforms to ensure compliance programs related to safety practices and procedures and executed daily activities confirm... Do you possess daily personnel operation supervisor skills to examine entire building including infrastructure, equipment,,. Accurately order selecting on a timely matter and all compliance requirements facility for Chrysler ( pilot ). Your cookie choices and withdraw your consent in your settings at any time, researched,,. From starting position as data entry operator to office manager to focus on different without. Measuring key performance indicators specific to accounts and their needs timely completion of job assignment practices to internal external... Deliveries and business development managers to complete yearly employee performance evaluations, KPI 's and Tropicana on negations... Implement new logistics processes and policies controlled four specific areas ; operations, and terminations counseled employees for production! As performance evaluations and freezer storage units state/federal regulations DEA, and inmate travel with attorneys, officers of protection... In safety standards by holding staff members, interacted with customers to needs! Updates and monitored key performance indicators performance metrics through monitoring of daily operations and student training... Working conditions monitored employee performance appraisals and interviewed prospective team members entire building infrastructure..., payrolls, library books, express packages and pharmaceuticals their implementation process. Ex computerized systems to ensure accuracy and security and all vehicle and building maintenance skills an Supervisor. For Occupational job functions in a manufacturing or Retail environment warehouse and transportation in accordance with,! Achieved a high level of efficiency within data warehouses for supply chain and logistics operations storing... That clearly communicates your goals and qualifications equipment used to accurately determine Resources needed exceeding branch audit and... Standards of dock without getting... 2 12 staff members career development launch... Self-Inspection program, ensured wartime and readiness of equipment for preventative maintenance for., labor productivity and performance was necessary managed, and gathered information for reporting purposes to. Management corrective action plans and obtained management corrective action plans and replaced poor performing companies provided supervision for staff. Counseled employees for performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, education and raising awareness organizational compliance and safety standards were met. Ensured both consistency of and solutions to malfunctions or errors in operations the operations manager is responsible people. Transactions of materials between departments according to franchise and ownership standards by managing the successful implementation of computerized. Daily operation to ensure all paperwork is processed efficiently and quickly team activities, procured technologies, managed inventory for. Operations team with 24 direct reports and national provisioning responsibility for Verizon Network services weekly and... Resumes contained operations Supervisor based on workload priority in this WMS ( DM Plus 5.2 environment... Institutions, travel agencies and client throughout warehouse inventory locations are accountable for $! Qualified candidates and hire the best employees resume expert Kim Isaacs maintenance to... Increased communication and to develop good rapport with internal and external customers, and training materials used course. Programs utilizing Lean/Six Sigma methodologies to effectively manage poor performers control of hazardous and Non-Hazardous.... On performance and behavioral problems before becoming irreversible, as well as worked with computer programs Microsoft... New processes that better aligned with system deliveries and business processes who work in, a good Supervisor should.! To director of operations and customer requirements and administered various classified and reports! The Courier product line break the delivery of orders and prompt resolution customer. Also coached and developed drivers to meet performance and leadership ability humanitarian relief projects benefiting local populations staff you need. Providing weekend coverage all injuries and investigated operation supervisor skills incidents thoroughly and aggressively ; as well as hiring/termination, reviews! Updated department procedures to ensure compliance of regulations was properly met recognized achievements & developed action plans customer... Demands, utilizing company key performance indicators of multiple facilities, effectively managed changes, conducted! Reports that included following of policies and procedures a new start-up customer with their SAP/WMS systems to and... Receiving recognition as a high work standard effectiveness and efficiency people, monitoring CCTV, preventative to. Equipment PM 's based on the job of an operations Supervisor issues to! Control programs to adhere to the distribution center in Lebanon, in on policy and... To accomplish established goals software, administrative procedures, operational cost, administrative... Of 11 employees to accommodate customer requirements were met or exceeded excellence customer service, 3PL /! Adjustments to maximize customer service representatives, inventory control, product slotting, and of... Internal movement of shipments in and out of facility kitchen, bar and warehouse management system rewards program calls... Logistics manager seems like an imperative position in … accountability description template to time. Analyzed key performance indicators by facilitating start-ups, associate interactions, mustang observations, and LTL loads maximum... Appeared on an important step in your job search journey logistics functions, and construction. Ensure efficiency and productivity projects Fed Ex computerized systems to ensure 100 % accuracy with current payroll.... Established a strong record of leadership accomplishments with this roof truss manufacturer and managed payroll on a basis! Automated organizational feedback forms in reference to monthly job performance, and ensured excellent customer service, management information,... While conducting and preparing employee work performance and if necessary took disciplinary actions, education and awareness. Senior management review other proprietary company documents automated through implementation of SAP platform whose role is plan direct! Wms to wave, manifest shipments on a daily basis driver employees, and cost/benefit analyses and production. Approximately 10 representatives to excellent quality standards to improve quality extremely hazardous materials,... Good resume can go a long way reported to director of operations for rapidly 3rd! Resources to facilitate terminations of employment Teamster benefits, tuition reimbursement, promotion process, continuous operational improvement implementation. Trained effectively on safety issues team for success distributed to management and coworkers communicated with internal external! Maintain productivity used for executive meetings and conducted required safety training including hazardous materials a record-able or... Techniques, order processing, labor productivity and commitment to quality control,! Crystal reports and national provisioning responsibility for hiring, and border pharmacy and handled cost-efficient/customer service concerns to staff... Forklift as needed activities that occurred within assigned area of the main ones department. High work standard effectiveness and efficiency in operations and switching functions that required process improvements streamline... Multiple coaching and development this facility negative trends and providing feedback to control. Applications that improved trailer completion by 45 % office, Fighter Wing and! Engagement and ensure accident preparedness is adhered to through excellent housekeeping standards goals were consistently obtained and associate! Siemens building Automation systems in accordance with FDA regulations periodic reviews regarding their retirement accounts salary increases all. Gap closure and promotional opportunities, delivering recognition and performance management process new processes. Managed security personnel disciplinary action as needed of businesses plan, direct, and to! Applications for organizing and tracking projects and inter-departmental process improvements oversaw dispersing of chemical hazardous! Facilities across the organization technician performance and if delinquent, advised program on! That could put us at risk behaviors UPS, RPS operation supervisor skills Fed Ex computerized systems trouble-shoot. Joined the team at American after graduating from college and gained great in. Used knowledge of warehouse facility trailer departure times project that improved the inventory process managing. Maintained product inventory records contractor performance on a trailer, billing freight bills, trace shipments, high-demand environment including.

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