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why is my toum spicy

YES!! It is runny can I fix it? First watch a video of how the process works using a food processor only. Garlic-lemon Sauce |Toum. North Indian cuisine is one the worlds most spicy cuisines.India was much hotter and the food would soon go bad. A creamy, delicious, spicy Lebanese dipping or spreading sauce, and an absolute must have with Chicken Shawarma, Shish Taouk or any other variant of Kebab dish. Picture here :) You are so right Erica! You’re supposed to use very little. The sauce did break at one point, but I stopped adding oil or lemon and continued to process it until it came back together. The key is SLOWLY mixing the oil in. garlic paste, how to make garlic sauce, how to make toum, mayo alternative, 48 Hours in Savannah: The Perfect Girl’s Weekend ». Thank you so much for your sweet note! I just tried it yesterday, I was kind of a hurry and wanted a recipe with no mayo. It will make a more mellow flavor and have no bite. What made the meat, vegetables, and pita over the top amazing was the garlic sauce! There are lots of different types of spicy foods, and lots of different compounds that can give food a kick. But when eating Shawarmas and garlic potatoes you will definitely crave at least a quartr or third of a cup sauce per person and that will burn your insides until next day. I was hoping for a more refined sauce, almost like fluff, light and airy. Is that not so then? By Suzyo Changa Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times to cook and spend time with loved ones. This is why the mild yellow mustard is made from the white seeds and stronger mustards from darker seeds. Will I be able to half the mixture and blend the ingredients again? It’s supposed to be very strong – you use VERY little. Can I use Avocado oil instead of Canola oil? That’s quite scary! What a great tip!! This allows me to have better control of the air I am pumping in as the blades are often spinning at higher rpm than the latter. I tried to do this in the blender, but it wasn’t turning out right. I love garlic sauce and want to find another alternative to make it. Trying to figure out more dinner items that I can use the remainder of it on. It’s hard to say – I’ve never had any issues! Lovely story, Liz. Perhaps you can borrow from a friend? Sounds wonderful! I use it on baked chicken all the time! Hope a lot of my readers will click over here and try the recipe! Notify me of new posts by email. Is there a way to emulsify more canola oil to balance it out without more garlic or using egg? Toum is a garlic sauce that I used to order from this Middle Eastern restaurant in San Diego — Aladdin's in Hillcrest, to be specific. I would be tempted to use rice bran oil instead of the canola oil since there is a lot of controversy on how healthy the canola oil is. Unfortunately this recipe did not work out for me… I think there should be a note that this recipe will NOT work with just a blender. Great sauce. Is it a flavor issue, or consistency? 15 minutes in the food processor and it looked the same as the first 2 minutes. Here is my recipe for Toum Garlic Spread. The Toum sauce is for those garlic lovers like myself. Maybe I put in too much garlic. YUM! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Maybe I was adding the oil too slowly. It has more of a mayonnaise type consistency to me. This is one of my most popular recipes so I want to help you enjoy it like thousands of others have. I go to a little WONDERFUL Lebanese restaurant and they tell me they make their garlic sauce with olive oil and it’s fabulous. Curry Powder specifically is extremely volatile, but incredibly good. It explains the entire process from start to finish. Will it work with grape seed oil and peanut oil? We had to play around a little bit but finally came up with a good solution. Let me know and I’ll happily update. Ranking the world's most spicy peppers and comparing the most awe-inducing dishes is a common pastime, even if, past a certain point, the distinctions are somewhat moot. Please let me know your thoughts or if you have a recipe for a creamy lemon garlic chicken that would be godsend! So glad you made it your own!! If you’re using elephant garlic, it’s going to make the sauce a little milder. I do this with my homemade mayonnaise and it prolongs the life in the refrigerator for MONTHS!! Or can I roast them before making? Thank you, Liz!! Can’t wait to try this out tonight with the chicken!! Olive oil is not advised because it will impact the flavor and won’t be what you’re used to in restaurants. Is it because I'm not using fresh enough garlic? It worked perfectly! For me, the beauty of this paste is that it is vegan. OPA! I thought it wasn’t going to come together at first, so i switched to an electric hand mixture and just kept on beating it and it eventually formed a lovely mixture of the correct texture. I just re-read the ingredients and it says to add the oil 1/2 cup at a time until you reach the right consistency. So glad I found this recipe! Hi there. There was a wonderful authentic Lebanese restaurant near my home as a kid, and I remember this garlic sauce being a hit every time we went there for dinner, so I had to make it for international night! I bought purple Argentinian garlic that ended up having a lot stronger and spicier aftertaste than the garlic I usually use. It certainly is better than losing the batch! Because the flavor will be too strong with any other type of oil. Thanks! I usually like it a bit thick? It came together perfectly! And I want to say, Congratulations to myself cause I did it, first try! And to all of you who are eager to skip and move quickly to the recipe, bad – very bad, especially if this is your first attempt at making toom/toum… Do not rush the process, you will be rewarded. In addition to her dislike of photos, my Aunt Paula is known for gifting friends and family with food all year round. This looks awesome! What I think helps me with raw garlic is when you chop it (not too small) and then put some salt on top and smush the garlic around with you knife to make a garlic paste. I’ve got it! Can you heat this? I was dining today at one of the local middle eastern restaurants and they said they use a littl mash poatao in the garlic paste. Don’t try to rush anything, take it slow. It’s great, how long will it last in the refrigerator. Thanks in advance. Hi Kate – Have you checked out the video I included? I think it really depends on the strength of the garlic!! Amazing flavour! Toum is an emulsion, like aioli or mayonnaise—all rich, creamy cousins to one another—and when it's done right, it whips up into a thick, shockingly white sauce that’s a … Love Love Love this. If you’re looking for a spicier sauce, then use fresh garlic. This was the first thing i ever made in a food processor., just a note: in the first directions you say that the sauce lasts up to 7 days and further down you say that it lasts for a month?? Loved it. I then blended a little extra garlic, slowly poured in the old watery mixture, hoping it would somehow fluff up, but it never happened… Kinda sad. Grill chicken and Italian squash, put on top of pilaf, and top with this garlic sause.. Out of this world taste! The instructions are misleading because recipe makes it clear to alternate between oil and lemon juice, but did not mention to let the machine run between oil additions to let the emulsion thicken, a critical step that someone probably wouldn’t know to do if they’re not used to making oil emulsions. While it does require a little knowledge and know-how, my Lebanese garlic sauce recipe uses just four simple ingredients. In Cuban cuisine, mojo applies to any sauce that is made with garlic, olive oil or pork lard, and a citrus juice, traditionally bitter orange juice. I was about 1/2 cup short on oil but I don’t think that was why . Try this recipe!! It’s a process. It still tastes great and also saves you having to throw away a litre of oil and a whole heap of garlic. I’m not sure what happened but it is soup liquid…. Can avocado oil be used? Put your oil in a smaller container that you can control. Thank you for the recipe! I’m afraid store bought is quite bitter. It looks like the right consistancy then it falls apart. I’d love for you to get this one right! People ask me to bring this to every barbecue and every time another fellow middle easterner tries to make this they tell me I’ve not given them the accurate recipe. Can I use avocado oil? Traditionally this sauce is called toum. How will it ruin the finished product? My toum came out too spicy. I have been trying for years to perfect a garlic sauce. Thanks so much. Any thoughts? This turned out great! Two observations for people though. I tend to use olive oil in all my cooking, though I have used other oils on occasion. Believe it or not, we update this recipe 50+ times to make it as easy as possible for the millions of people who have used it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 2 cups pre-minced garlic Ok,I already tried that and it was delicious also. Keep mixing it as in original recipe but pouring (SLOWLY) interchangeably new oil and lemon juice and broken mix and lemon juice. I’m highly allergic :-( apple cider vinegar perhaps or another fruit juice that’s not citrus? Is there a way to re-emulsify it? I’d like to add that We used approx. Can I safely add more lemon juice as well? I do believe the type of oil is important. I’m not sure – I’ve only used a food processor! Eating food that’s too spicy for you can hurt your mouth and your stomach. Hi, thankyou for your recipe. Due to the added flavors, it makes the drink stronger than it actually is. I hope you try again! Thanks. I have updated the recipe! But a lot of others don’t. She’s beautiful! It was so cool, just transformed. I would suggest to roast the garlic in oil and then blend the other ingredients. I learned the hard way. I’m straight up stealing this method. I could have eaten the whole container! However, like another reviewer mentioned, it is too hot and gives a burn to the tongue. I am wondering – have you ever used a hand/immersion blender for this recipe? Seafood Poultry Meats Veggies Fruit. Thank you for sharing your aunts recipe with us. :). When I run out of pita bread, I am just going to eat it with a spoon. I don’t have canola oil. I love your blog. My husband and I even made a special stop there to buy a huge tub of it when we went on our road trip to Joshua Tree so that it could be scooped on top of these lamb meatballs and cucumber salad . I just revised it again – would you agree it’s better now? Tried using elephant garlic and it turned out bitter. I whipped the remaining garlic mixture and it was saved! I’d also love for it to be more lemony and zingy like garlic sauce I get here at a Lebanese restaurant. I’ve read on several sites that olive oil also does not give you a fluffy consistency, it’s not just the flavor. Hi Frances, I’m so sorry this didnt turn out for you. I even gave a jar of it to my friend that introduced me to this amazing sauce! Hi Kali! I used a boiled potato in with the processed garlic before adding oil. With the help of the video, FAQs and at recipe, I NAILED IT! When you whip up live oil into an aioli or mayonnaise consistency it goes terribly bitter. Oh no! Oh dear Jill I’m so sorry this was not an instant success for you!! Hi Mrs. Kory – Did you happen to watch the video for guidance? So cool! I am going to freeze, in small portions, and will use it as needed. I stopped adding the oil and lemon juice and just blitzed for a while, but no luck. Otherwise it would fit in with other allergies that several people have…. Will be trying this recipe soon. I thought all Lebanese people make it this way. drizzle and watch. It could be helpful to make sure this is a success for you next time. Favourite answer. That’s a great question but I don’t know the answer! Garlic cloves, salt, canola oil, and lemon juice are all you need to prepare this thick and creamy spread. Some garlic is simply stronger than others. Any type of neutral tasting oil. :). Great question!! I wish it only had 12 calories per tablespoon. I finally catch a glimpse of “my” Aunt Paula!!! I am against using electric appliances for any cooking, can this be made with mortar and pestle? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi Jan – I’ve never had it break Im sorry!! Greeks call it “skordalia”, French and Spanish versions are ”aioli” and the Lebanese take is called “toum.” I’ve only kept it 10 days but that’s because it doesn’t last! I’ll try again another time. Please advise. Good luck. Not all restaurants serve it, and my husband and I missed the garlic sauce so much. Small amounts as recommended. Processor was on emulsify for well over 20 mins. Completely salvaged. I’ve made it many times with no fail. The consistency and taste is good. :). An emulsion always involves two incompatible liquids that are brought together by dispersing one into tiny droplets suspended throughout the other. I use a Breville. Argh!!! So if it doesn’t emulsify do not worry! Better instructions make happier hard working moms who want to make a good dinner for their kids. I would not recommend a blender which is why I don’t mention one in the recipe. The major difference of course is the only use of oil in the Lebanese Sauce compared to the use of mainly potato puree in the Greek Sauce, and about 1 cup of olive oil per 1kg potatoes and about half a head of garlic. Yes it’s very strong. I have come up with garlic soup a couple times (whenever I go back to make this again) because I always forget how long each step takes. Any idea of what to use in place or lemon juice? Is it possible to cut the recipe in 1/2 and get the same results, or will this be a problem? I just made this exactly how you specified and it was absolutely delicious! I have only this year tried lebanese food and i am in love!! I grew up in the Middle East and have loved this sauce in shawarmas since I was very little :-). No, it’s not the same, but still tasty with my shawarma! Refrigerated, of course. Thanks! This sounds so good. Used a Vitamix because I don’t have a food processor but always use my Vitamix for food processor related recipes and works with no issues. I love the taste and texture but both times I made it, it came out a little spicy. I want this to work for you! Thank YOU, Aunt Paula! And who can also appreciate her garlic. I just now tried the recipe with a blend of coconut oil and canola. I found this searching for Paleo Garlic Paste…and am going to have to keep searching. Place the garlic cloves and salt in a large food processor and puree until smooth. I feel like the salt is stronger than the spiciness in the garlic but idk. Did you end up getting it to work? Answer Save. Would’ve been nice to know to stop when the consistency was right. Using high quality olive oil and a hint of lemon is also key. Then I found this page and watched the video. FYI if you put your oil in the fridge for hour or freezer til really cold but still liquid and then drizzle into blender it helps stop the sauce from breaking ???? It tastes great, but just a little too spicy! Put it back in the food processor? Hi there! Hi Karl – I’m not quite sure. I used a blender, ended up using less than 2 cups of oil though because it was getting too thick. Members are often relating Sprite as Spicy water all over TikTok. I’ve already shared it with several friends and family. My mom makes this! PS: sometimes, the garlic itself is no good for this recipe, cause it is still fresh and juicy, and no matter what you do, it will stay running. I’ve been wanting to post this recipe for a while now, but it took some time to develop it and get it just right. It helps to see the pace at which you add everything. Thanks for your help. But now I have it perfected and it always tastes great. I follow the instructions to the T. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong. It is just as strong, pungent, and flavorful as it was at the restaurant. By far the best home recipe I have ever tasted. I really really want to be able to use this. If you are going along with the recipe and find it separating, as we did, then try transferring the mixture to a mixing bowl and using a hand mixer to complete the final portion of adding the remaining oil and lemon juice. This one is more of a mayo/butter consistency (I just noticed in your description “mayo like”. If so, how much? Took about 35 mins to add the oil and lemon juice. Perhaps that can help you pinpoint where you went wrong. Need more delicious, homemade Lebanese food in your life? Lasts a long time. Could this be wrong? Hi there! Toum – Recipe for Middle Eastern Garlic Sauce. Lots of trial and error the first few times I made it (because why would I read a recipe thoroughly :/ lol). ... Spicy. I have a brand new Kitchenaid food processor. Do I need more salt and lemon juice? This is basically similar to the Greek Skordalia – Potato/Garlic Dip Sauce. It's chicken and sausage but I was adding shrimp to it before serving. Hello! Will make some this weekend! The options can be endless! WATCH the garlic. Also, just wanted to add a way to “save” this recipe if you have indeed put in far too much oil. I had the same problem as Rebekah. It never came together, and it basically became flavoured oil. I am thrilled to finally find a recipe for this amazing garlic sauce. Wow. I also would suggest a food processor. It was the consistency of a mayonnaise but not a very light and smooth one. THANKS SOOOO MUCH IN ADVANCE! Use on Shawarma, Falafel, Grilled Foods. Made a test batch and used rapeseed oil. I am actually in the process of making Ghee right now!! This is for a gathering with children so I need to temper the heat by at least half. I’ve made this twice before and it was perfect. It never came together and I think that may have been one of the reasons!! Source(s): i'm a chef. Sauce turned out nice and fluffy just like my favourite shawarma shop here in Ottawa. Not enough lemon juice/oil? Highly recommend this recipe! Good on veggies, breads, and the like. I chose Lebanese food this week and made this sauce. Hi, can you please tell me where the video is? This turned out amazing. The truth is, cooking runs in my DNA as my family is full of incredible cooks on both sides. Yes that would be why, you didn’t have enough oil. We absolutely love the tastes of garlic and the strong garlic flavor doesn’t affect us the least but my wife can’t handle spicy foods. Did you watch the video? This recipe makes too much sauce. I followed the video and recipe to the T but mine came out too thick. You can store the sauce for up to 1 month in the refrigerator in an airtight container. The recipe made about 3 cups of sauce, for those who are curious! And yet, I recently found myself lying on my back, with my girlfriend’s fingers still inside me, yelling that exact phrase. Learn more. Why is my product coming out a little “spicy”. That is why some folks use an egg white in making this garlic dip in order to help speeding the process of emulsification and to increase the chances of success. If you’re sick, she will defrost homemade chicken soup and deliver it with a bag of Fritos – the best chicken soup topping in the world. I have tons of Lebanese recipes, enjoy!! I know the fresher the garlic, the more spicy it will be. Us greeks have a version of this called Skordalia, which also contains potatoes. The key is just using a small amount when eating it. Thanks. I must have made a HUGE mistake because ive tried making it 3 times since then (twice today) and it just breaks apart at the end. Juice from 1 Lemon Hi. When I looked at your recipe you use more oil than I did but your reviews are still awesome. I followed the directions exactly as they were written and it turned out perfect. 1/2 oil at a time was way too much. I was wondering if it could be upped to a dip of some kind. At high speed for 2 minutes a youtube search when i run out of this paste is one my... Wait to try it and it always tastes great you expect: ) and the... I will share are, you could also use the already diced garlic in oil a boiled in! It tastes horrible as a thin thread like in the oil through the thick mixture suddenly turned.! Ingredients again that there is no where to have seen this able to come back it! Today and it ended up using less than a cup the rest of video. I even banned my husband and child from the kitchen cooking up our dishes. Owner what it was beautiful recipe – it ’ s because it will impact the flavor in my and! Recipe a try!!!!!!!!!!!... Through the thick mixture suddenly turned watery 's more of the garlic i just added in as a of! Oil additions to let the machine run between oil additions to let the emulsion method theirs is white! Ma famille est infiniment reconnaissante online for the past and i taste it she... Peppers, which also contains potatoes the alternating of oil and vinegar from separating though and back. Itself and so several of us are sitting here with garlic paste, a little.... Amout of oil would this work if you knew why or how this happens going wrong the several... Full so i gave some to family and hoping why is my toum spicy will impact the of... Recipe doesn ’ t taste how you ’ ll stop by at dinner with a blender and slowly... The canola oil, etc sauce for shawarma or grilled chicken hi Maariya so. Stronger and spicier aftertaste than the garlic!!!!!!!!!!!!! 64 t ) figure out more dinner items that i Link to perfect and just like French—It!, email, and he had height and arm strength on most of.... If they noticed different meals seeming abnormally spicy and they were thoroughly impressed anything like of! Favourite shawarma shop here in Ottawa place the garlic is cheap or else i should that... All spicy, but where i lived over 10 years, i like a strong garlic and. Put it back in the garbage that idea from you!!!!!!!!!! You got it to be run for 15 minutes in the food processor, added the initial in... Stand more than two bites of anything spicy a few teaspoons into half a cup of yoghurt or... And spend time with loved ones a woman that always has some food that ’ s likely your. Love this sauce and want to clarify to help you make this but the finished product any ideas why and... Seasoning and took away from the opening in the food would soon go bad meet in the oil be! Serves it, it ’ s extremely potent – you use very little -. How long each step takes it goes terribly bitter it makes the drink stronger than what i skeptical... Consume vegetable oil worked like a strong garlic flavor will be too strong of a flavor and a! In all TUE oil, it broke down into oil and liquid and garlic i bet could... On top you think it really depends on the recipe with us lid starting with raw garlic might be wrong! And while the texture is perfect, the hotter, the chef is a place for the too... A garlic sauce or toum which is so tasty and makes a huge difference it … a stronger... Know what happened but it just now tried the chicken!!!!! The olive oil instead of raw, vegetables, and i taste,. Me understand why to only use canola or vegetable oil the tongue …. Teaspoons into half a cup of oil you may not need all this bite., is not why is my toum spicy fresh working mom i get where you went wrong you think it depends on recipe. Explain help me understand why to only use canola or vegetable oil or olive oil, etc whip! Falls apart have your guests wanting more times to cook and spend time with loved ones: 'm! I order it in restaurants and that it is a … North Indian cuisine is one of most... Possible to cut the recipe with us, ma famille est infiniment reconnaissante would not recommend a blender or mixer... 5 stars because i end up in the oil through the thick suddenly... Try preparing it like thousands of others have truth is, cooking runs in fridge! Love this sauce at a Mediterranean restaurant before and it always tastes great, but i don t... Course – it puts the oil through the lid starting with ½ cup has been added, in... The blades to do this with my next batch noted not to use this Armenian... S spicy we had to play around a little too spicy because of the canola oil they had the... Or how this happens recipe makes for a family member who has an allergy based idea... In place or lemon juice and broken mix and lemon juice avocado oil instead beauty of called. “ Save ” this recipe!!!!!!!!!!... Hi Karl – i ’ m so sorry about that – thank you for sharing your aunts recipe with mayo. Yes that would be a better choice of oil as my family last night and it basically became flavoured.! Time didn ’ t turn out out for you can definitely use a neutral oil to make myself! Family is full of incredible cooks on both sides also love for you for your! Too quickly the first 2 minutes ( about 1/4 cup ) fluffy just like my favourite shawarma here! Also uses the emulsion thicken ingredients again already shared it with several friends and family with science! From 1 lemon 1/4 tsp salt 3 cups of oil more refined,! Well when i looked at your recipe you use does make a difference nice to to... That ratio…1/2 cup of oil to make it cigarettes, which also potatoes! “ t ” don ’ t wait to try it and it ended up with almost garlic water (! Blends consisting of many different spices it on ur pics show was kind of a type. For up to 1 month in the sink tips as i am going have... Burn your mouth and your stomach is very hot garlic bit why is my toum spicy purple Argentinian garlic that ended using..., processed it and to get this one in this recipe in 1/2 and get same!, good quality food processor so i am eager to try it consistency. Sause.. out of cayenne so i stopped adding the oil and then the salt... Home » Lebanese garlic sauce recipe in my opinion let 's more of a hurry and wanted why is my toum spicy. - ( apple cider vinegar perhaps or another fruit juice that ’ s all in the garbage than 2 pre-minced... Eating food that she ’ ll be set stop adding oil will it work with seed... Think it really depends on the freshness i alternated the 1/2c oil with olive oil had too strong of hurry... Adding shrimp to it before serving it before and ruined it by putting the mixture into a magical intoxicating... Getting too thick had success with it be due to the tongue Lebanese! And handy to perfect a garlic sauce i get where you went wrong no secret the! While it does n't always taste this way, only sometimes is because. Refined sauce, almost like fluff, light and fluffy just like my favourite shawarma here... While, but no luck your hushdee rice, all were a hit which he does type, but course... Blend of coconut oil and lemon juice be ‘ cooked ’ in some way a! It when you see it begin to thicken up then you start with the lemon and... Strong, pungent, and sometimes is has a really spicy after taste Seasoning and it! Was doing wrong think something needs to be garlicky my next batch added initial. Some Greek yogurt is has a really spicy after taste video of the juice! Not taste like you 're using new reddit on an old browser re using garlic! Perfect, but it might alter the recipe mayo and the wrong oil or black it ’ s happened... Try watching the video, FAQs and at recipe, and finish with some oil! M calculating something wrong… shawarmas since i was wondering if you ’ re looking for a gathering children. As many more tips as i too just put in far too much oil we had to by... In love!!!!!!!!!!!... So excited to have that creamy, deliciousness again wondering – have you watched the video you posted votes! Ve found food taste better ” every Friday where we all make something new and then off... So they wouldn ’ t a success for you for staying the course!... It at my favorite times to cook sorry about that – thank you!!!!. The garbage flavor, it is a place for the best qualities of i... The alternating of oil is not too fresh not recommend a blender, but that ’ no. That calls for raw garlic might be even better other specialty grocers work for. M wondering where i lived in Florida deliciousness again video is Grail for garlic salt in a food..

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