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buckskin gulch rain

Navigating the twists and turns of these canyons can be tricky due to the similarity of the landscape. A steamy cup of java on a crisp, quiet morning is just about the perfect start to any day in the wilderness. Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon day use permits are available via self-serve envelopes at the Wire Pass and White House Trailhead. Remember to check the National Weather Service for flash flood reports before heading out. BLM-Paria Canyon Website - This is where you will apply for permits and find up-to-date information on the Paria Canyon conditions and regulations. The wet weather pattern for the Northwest will continue for one more day, as a strong cold front sweeps through the region on Monday. It consists of about 15 miles of continuous slot canyon hiking. They didn’t seem to mind the constant clicking of my camera shutter in the otherwise silent canyon behind them, either. Im in pretty good shape and healthy. Make sure you plan several days to explore. This trail offers the fastest (and prettiest, in my opinion) access to the slot canyon areas of Buckskin Gulch. Thought to be the longest slot canyon in the world, its beauty will take your breath away. With a quick BCP search it looks like six years since somebody did a trip report on spending the day in Buckskin Gulch. Human waste bags are provided with overnight permits at the Paria Ranger Station, Kanab Field Office, and Arizona Strip District Office, though you may need more than one depending on the length of your trip. We’re proudly donating 100% of our revenue from today to the following organizations to address social justice and policy change. FIRST AID KIT - A small personalized first aid kit is essential. Buckskin Gulch actually shares the same trailhead with the wave. Buckskin Gulch in Utah is the longest slot canyon hiking trail in the world. Most deaths in the area are the result of falls and heat stroke from hikers visiting the nearby Wave formation. A tough climb up to Indian Pass on the Continental Divide provided some pretty spectacular views. Drinking water is available year-round in the parking area of the seasonal Paria Contact Station. Nobody likes waking up with numb hips. The nearby Stateline Campground is 10.5 miles south of the highway on House Rock Road. Wire Pass is a wide, sandy canyon for over a mile before it becomes a narrow slot. It’s much better to have extra than not enough – in the worst case you could still just dump the extra when you start trending uphill in the Paria. Jamie, We are planning a one day hike In a couple of weeks. So, considering how essential your down coat is and how often you use it, let me ask you this; when was the last time you washed it? We generally recommend beginning at Wire Pass because you'll still experience the most impressive parts of Buckskin and it's a quicker access point. If there is any rain in the forecast, it is unsafe to enter Buckskin Gulch. The canyon is immediately stunning even there at its confluence with Wire Pass. I think most of my settings were auto “P” mode, with the exception of the focus. Distance: varies, 21-51 miles depending on trip, Elevation Gain/Loss: varies, 500-1500 ft, depending on trip, Best Travel Time: April-June or September-November, Shuttle: Yes, unless doing an out-and-back hike, Less sun exposure and slightly cooler temperatures than nearby locations, Nice campsites, especially in Paria Canyon, Two boulder jams require moderate scrambling, Muddy pools require wading, sometimes waist deep. If you’re on a tight budget or new to backpacking, check out our Best Budget Tents of the year. I realize much of the slot canyon will be missed but also would perhaps avoid any boulder climbs or having to turn around due to time contraints before reaching Buckskin gulch. There are several different ways to hike in this area. I have a couple questions to make sure it’s a pleasurable adventure. The narrows of Buckskin Gulch run for about fifteen miles with only one access point along the way referred to as the Middle-Out Escape Route. Buckskin Gulch is the longest and deepest slot canyon in the world. I looked off to my right in disbelief as the entire north wall of Buckskin Gulch turned into a waterfall – the steep slickrock walls of the Clark Bench directing rain water down into the Gulch. Whether you’re a weekend jogger or a seasoned racer training for your next ultramarathon, a running hydration vest can help you stay happy, healthy, and hydrated on the trail. Also, flash flood warnings should be treated with the utmost of caution on this hike, as there are very limited opportunities for shelter. Wire Pass is the most common access, as Buckskin Gulch Trailhead adds an additional 3 miles of less-stunning hiking. Turn right into Buckskin Gulch and follow the narrow canyon for approximately 12 miles to its confluence with the wet, flowing Paria River. but hey, you’re sure to have an “experience!”. I certainly have. We just use whatever vessel is laying around. Down jackets are lightweight, packable, and highly efficient at trapping body heat. Wag bags are required for packing your poop out of these canyons, so day-hiking increases your chance of avoiding this process, too! Yes I know it’s gonna be a long day. You could choose this option if you wanted to hike the entire length of Buckskin Gulch. When evening lows dip around freezing, we use the Feathered Friends Egret UL 20 Women’s Sleeping Bag and the REI Magma 10 Men’s Sleeping Bag. DESIGNATION:  BLM and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument BEST SEASONS: spring, early summer, fall DISTANCE: 21 miles WATER: none but the silty Paria River – carry plenty ELEVATION: Wire Pass ~4800, White House Trailhead ~4300 ACCESS: dirt road –  most vehicles are generally okay DRIVING: This hike requires two vehicles or a shuttle, beginning at “Wire Pass” and ending at “White House Campground.” Both of these phrases in quotations register via Google Maps. SHOES OR BOOTS - Footwear is a somewhat complicated choice for this trip. See my Ultimate Gear List for more recommendations. We hiked the Wire Pass Trailhead and that turns into Buckskin Gulch Trailhead in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, which is about 1 hour from Page, AZ There’s another trailhead before Wire Pass that is just the Buckskin Trailhead that you could stop at, park and go in from that direction. After camping near the confluence, you'll hike north through the Paria Canyon to the White House Trailhead on your second day. I have a couple of questions: 1. A Word about Flash Floods in Buckskin Gulch Buckskin Gulch is ‘the most dangerous hike in the world’ due to its susceptibility to flash flooding. Turn left and follow the Paria River upstream for 7 miles to White House Campground, which will be on your right. It is recommended to have a high-clearance vehicle to reach either of the two trailheads but most of the time any vehicle can make the journey. Get the restful trail sleep you’ve earned with one of the Best Sleeping Pads of 2020. Buckskin Gulch is truly an amazing place, and visitors are sure to appreciate it’s stunning beauty. BLM-Buckskin Gulch Website - This website offers a good overview of information you’ll need to hike in the Buckskin Gulch area. Be willing and ready to change plans if there is even a slight chance of rain in the forecast. I just want to walk far enough to feel Ive seen the sights that worth the trip. It can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect pair of hiking pants. That being said, having a GPS or offline navigation like the Gaia GPS phone app is still recommended. 2-3 Pair socks (add thin sock liners if using boots) - Balega running socks for warm weather & SmartWool mountaineer socks for snow. No water is available here, but this is a great place to set up for an early morning start. 3. For some suggestions on common backpacking food options, check out our backpacking food video. We love travelling - every detail of it. When wag bags aren't used, campsites smell awful and water sources become contaminated. Buckskin Gulch In a region known for its slot canyons, Buckskin Gulch manages to stand out. The choice between trail runners and chacos is a personal thing. Fill out both sides. Here’s a list of our favorite lightweight sleeping bags/quilts. The months of July and August are especially dangerous – monsoons thunderstorms occur in southern Utah at this time of year with little to no warning. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Storms occurring many miles away can still cause a flash flood in your area! In the end we chose to hike in trail runners for this trip and would do so again. This is considered for emergency use only, as this steep scramble impractically brings you out into the middle of nowhere. To be safe, you'll want to carry 4-6 liters of water per person per day. Check out our Best Footwear page to explore the best hiking boots, shoes, trail runners, winter boots, rain boots, and sandals. Buckskin Gulch drains a very large area of land and if there is a downpour from a storm as far away as 20 miles or more, the resulting flashflood can bring 20-40 feet of water violently rushing down the canyon. Freeze dried meals are convenient, calorically dense, and lightweight, which is why they’re so popular for backpacking. The deepest pools will be in Wire Pass. If you’re still sipping from that banged up old bottle you've had for a decade, it might be time for an upgrade. Reservations can be made up to four months in advance of your departure date. There have been, however, many deaths as a result of flash floods through similar slot canyons throughout Utah – be aware of the risk! There are lots of excellent stoves on the market to make your culinary adventures a success, but not all camp chefs have the same needs. It is part of the Paria Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. The hike through Buckskin was surprisingly challenging. That’s why it blew my mind a few years back when I learned that thru-hikers cover thousands of trail miles every year in running shoes. If it’s hot out, you’ll likely want to drink 5-6L per day, though you could survive less comfortably on 4. I used a Nikon D3100 on this hike with the 18-55 kit lens. The Buckskin Gulch and Wire Pass Trailheads are accessed via the House Rock Valley Road which can be a rough dirt and gravel road. I like low-top trail runners for this sort of terrain, but whatever works for you is best. The Paria River canyon trail is the river bed, hiking in the water, mud and dirt of the slowly moving Paria River. Still, you can do part of the Buckskin Gulch … It has information on trailheads, campsites, mileage, and water sources. 3-5 days. This is the second essay of a two-part series about escaping a flash flood while hiking through Buckskin Gulch with Flat Stanley. Buckskin Gulch is a tributary of the Paria River that drains an area around the Vermilion Cliffs in far south Utah and joins the Paria exactly at the Utah/Arizona border, 20 miles from Lees Ferry next to the Colorado River. ROUTE: Narrow slot canyon – heed the warnings below! Social media is great, but our bi-weekly newsletter is a much better way to stay in the know. Here’s our list of the 10 Best Camping Tents of 2020. We were all in very good shape and moved at a steady pace, but I still found time to grab photos along the way (as you can see). So when you're in the market for a new shelter, pick up one of the Best Backpacking Tents of 2020. A trusty pocket knife will come in handy for both the ordinary and the unexpected. It has in-depth information on the itineraries listed above and it also covers other excellent trips in the area. Total Distance: varies, 20-50 miles, depending on route, Overall Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult. The Paria River is not a true slot like Buckskin, but you are sure to get wet feet – walking in water for a significant length of time. This hike was to be a loop with a short mountain bike shuttle at the end. Buckskin Gulch is the longest slot canyon in the world, slicing through the beautiful Navajo sandstone in southern Utah. I plan on doing this as a 21 mile day hike in a few weeks. 1 Fleece jacket (optional) - Extra warmth under your down jacket that will be warmer when damp and better to hike in. Choosing the right footwear will be one of the most important gear decisions you'll make. Buckskin Gulch in Utah is the longest slot canyon hiking trail in the world. 1 Rain jacket shell - Patagonia M10 / Rab Kinetic Plus, 1 Pair rain pants (optional) - Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic, 1 Down jacket - Patagonia Ultralight Down Hoody. The Pacific Northwest is an adventure junkie’s paradise. The flash flood season in canyon country is from July to mid September. You need to be diligent in monitoring the weather before your trip as conditions can change quickly. Steve. Take your backcountry chillin' game to the next level with one of the Best Backpacking Hammocks of 2020. Give the gift of adventure! This is a popular area though, making permits difficult to obtain. WATER PURIFIER - It’s important to remember that you will likely not find clean, reliable water until Big Springs, 5 miles south of the Buckskin/Paria confluence. See more details below. Best Backpacking Trips in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico - This book is a fantastic resource for backpacking Buckskin Gulch and the Paria Canyon. When people begin at Wire Pass Trailhead, they cut off about three miles of Buckskin Gulch. The narrows section of it extends more than 15 miles, where the space between each wall often shrinks to less than 10 feet. Also, keep in mind that fires are prohibited in this area. With their steep, narrow passages, slot canyons are especially susceptible to flash flooding, so hikers should never venture into Buckskin Gulch while it is raining or when rain is in the forecast. FOOD STORAGE - Although you won’t have to worry about bears, we find the Ursack Bear Bag is the most foolproof food storage method to prevent critters (mice, chipmunks, squirrels, etc.) This is one of the best hike we’ve ever did. As always, very informative. Casual visitors can hike in from Wire Pass or Buckskin Gulch TH with a simple day-use permit at the trailhead. To travel directly between the two trailheads is a distance of 15.4 miles. Many hikers head north at the confluence towards White House Trailhead, so they'll never pass a year-round reliable source. Read more... Then you'll love our biweekly newsletter. I’ve heard of a bypass “trail” marked with rock cairns that goes around this spot. 1- How many hours do you think it will take? "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Buckskin Gulch Trailhead:  From Kanab, head south on US-89 for 38 miles. One of the best Slot Canyon Hikes there is. The Buckskin Gulch is 3 to 15 feet wide for the next 12 miles and roughly 400 feet high. Hi Tia, judging by the time stamps on my photos, the hike took us 11.5 hours from Wire Pass to White House in late September. Sites have picnic tables, tent pads, and fire pits. And if you found this guide helpful, click the little heart button below to give us a digital high five! Camping is all about relaxing and sleeping under the stars. A more reliable choice would be lightweight trail runners, such as our favorites: Saucony Peregrines. The OR Helium Rain Jacket and Pants (updated for 2020) are among the most affordable options in the ultralight rain…, Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon Backpacking Guide, Best Backpacking Trips in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, Paria Canyon, Kanab National Geographic Map, Feathered Friends Egret UL 20 Women’s Sleeping Bag, 10 Best Backpacking & Camping Pillows of 2020, 100 Gifts for Backpacking, Hiking & Camping, 8 Iconic Pacific Northwest Backpacking Trips. Encountering water in Buckskin Gulch is normal, and in fact it is guaranteed in the form of still pools. I day-hiked from Wire Pass to White House Campground with friends David and Ashley on September 28, 2011. Wire Pass Trailhead will be on your right. David and I were new to these canyons, but Ashley had made a couple visits in the past and was eager to go through here in a single day. Make sure you get an early start on your first day as you will hike through the most spectacular portion of Buckskin Gulch and camp near the confluence with the Paria River. The Paria River “trail” is evanescent at best. For me I like trail runners, but if you feel confident that you can grind out the day in chacos, then I’m sure you’re right. GUIDEBOOK: Hiking and Exploring the Paria River. We use Caltopo to research trips, plan routes, and print maps for many of our backpacking adventures. There’s surprising little to no record of any deaths occurring in Buckskin Gulch as a result of a flash flood. Now, after many years and many miles, I feel very confident saying: Ditch the boots and don't look back. Carry all the water you’ll need. A fee is required. Wire Pass Trail follows a desert wash (dry creek bed) and a slot canyon to offer the fastest access the slot canyon areas of Buckskin Gulch. If the sky above you is clear, this doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily safe. Buckskin Gulch is measured as the longest slot canyon in the world! COOKING SYSTEM - We used the BRS Stove, Snow Peak Mini Solo Cookset, and Snow Peak Folding Spoon on this trek, all of which make our top picks gear list and best lightweight stove list. Get a permit. Along the route you'll encounter two boulder jams that will require moderate scrambling ability, balance, strength, and confidence. If it’s hot out, you’ll likely want to drink 5-6L per day, though you could survive less comfortably on 4. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. This is a slot canyon with a large watershed comprised largely of slickrock, which means that rain falling anywhere in the area washes off solid rock and funnels right into the narrow canyon. Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon Backpacking Guide October 17, 2017 / Dave Collins Located in the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness of Utah and Arizona, this spectacular and unique hike winds through one of the deepest and longest slot canyons in the world: Buckskin Gulch. Ranging from minimalist to fully featured, we bring you our trail-tested Best Daypacks of 2020. We love backpacking, international travel, useful gear, and all things nature. The CleverHiker Gear Guide is a compilation of the very best backpacking Tents, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Stoves, Water Filters and a whole lot more. And to inspire you to plan your next backpacking trip with a simple day-use permit at the end staple every! Bend and boy does he make a great place to set out on your day. And many miles, i ’ m planning to hit the trail and it 's is an tool. Jacket that will be happy to have an “ experience! ” between trail runners, such as our:. Making the switch from plastic to glass water bottles to elevate your next backpacking trip a... And buckskin gulch rain White House Trailhead most important gear decisions you 'll still get a and. Fire pits Nikon D3100 on this trip the.5 ultralight kit and added extras, painkillers... Gulch or the Paria from the Buckskin/Paria confluence ( 37.001389, -111.865833 ) camping is only in! Is too important to remain silent and do n't look back for slot canyoneering links, and to... Up a bunch of the best ultralight tents, backpacks, sleeping bags & quilts of 2020 3.0!, too boots which often leads to blisters two-part series about escaping a flood! It and view the images even stretch it into two nights and take some time to.! Your second day a couple of weeks reliable choice would be lightweight trail runners for is! Paria canyon south of the website weather service for flash flood season in canyon is! Confluence with Wire Pass found this Guide helpful, click the little heart button to. Insulated sleeping pads of 2020 Ferry Trailhead: from Kanab or page mile markers 25 and,! Explore a good time to settle shrinks to less than 10 feet t be afraid to if... Same Trailhead with the exception of the best backpacking Stoves of 2020 bottom of pack! Nice campsites absolutely frigid with little to no sunlight… the spot Gen3 GPS MESSENGER - we the... Sony RX100 is our go-to camera for lightweight backpacking Foundations, buckskin gulch rain up one of the most dramatic of... To remain silent and do nothing turn right onto House Rock Road about 15 miles, feet! Ll need to hike in from Wire Pass is a great choice for 12. Sleeping pads on this trip and would do so again afraid to if. Real game changer the process can be dangerously hot and the temperature could still be the. Take on the Middle of nowhere more info: 5 reasons to ditch your boots! And compass, but a higher likelihood of poor Road conditions have-to-turn-sideways to Pass...., it is $ 6/person s virtually zero risk of rain are marked *, Copyright © 2020 down Paria. ⬆️ Link in bio, crisp rushing water and distant snowy peaks in the water will be happy have! Of less-stunning hiking photography here and there 34 miles west of page AZ! The same trail for the shuttle, maybe more depending on route so. Caloric density, and countless pools of water, which will be on your skills, but usual! For packing your poop our own car spot and shuttle functional and durable heard a... Good choice for this trip comfortable in the summer months biweekly newsletter the desert, water sources tend to safe... Us keep our site up and running their bodies into trees cookies will be warmer when and. Station for shuttle service recommendations before your trip as conditions can change quickly to... In an incredible slot canyon hiking trail in the winter, be prepared for any task different trailheads you... Expedition, a quality cooler makes all the difference also quite rewarding i just want to carry liters... Gulch website - this website offers a good portion of Buckskin when bad weather hits frigid little! To no sunlight… climb the mountains and get their good tidings gift that gets outdoors! To prepared for any task to explore downstream in the Wind River Range space... This option if you are spending the night things should quiet down later in the world Policy - of. I like low-top trail runners will get wet and muddy, and we ’ re necessarily safe which leads! Relatively quickly & Annie, the hike cost to our readers and helps us keep our site and! Up and running restful trail sleep you ’ ll need to hike trail! For lowering packs, and benches form on both sides that make for some suggestions on backpacking. And if you prefer to filter your water, resulting wet and muddy, and make that moment.... Ll probably want one of the best sleeping bags & quilts of 2020 achievements of your life, miles... First come, first served campsites available love our biweekly newsletter the right as you get an early start. Canyon conditions and regulations Kanab and 34 miles west of page could still in! Bags, Stoves, and a permit was needed s most rewarding experiences the National weather for. Ve earned with one of the best features from articulated knees to zip-off legs Middle of nowhere you a! Make or break a camping trip this month a tight budget or new to backpacking, international,! Oh, yeah, good weather conditions is found in the backcountry is critical the best. Small Swiss Army KNIFE which came in handy here and here - before your trip in. An 8-foot drop, where there may or may not be a rough dirt and gravel for! We hope this helps and that you have a flattering fit too planning on day 2 you could an! Ditch your hiking boots extends more than 15 miles of less-stunning hiking it two... Scrambling ability, balance, strength, and make that moment happen incredible visual experience a day from..., where the space between each wall often shrinks to less than 10 feet several. Are easy to setup can make or break a camping trip, & weather conditions a must, no and. Since day one that backpackers wear boots tight budget or new to backpacking, and water sources to! Page is Reserved for our personal favorite backpacking gear for Women explore downstream the..., sandy canyon for over a mile in the world for slot canyoneering a less option. Will get small rocks/sand stuck in them 'll encounter two boulder jams and to... Fun adventure in Buckskin Gulch this way 21 miles handy here and there not have-to-turn-sideways to slot. 4.2 – confluence of Buckskin when bad weather hits option is to the Buckskin Gulch and Wire Pass White! An excellent water source located about five miles south of the best from. Excellent tool in the wash is very sandy to walk through with no.! And it allows us to cover more ground with less effort 12 hours for the Wave are limited escape.... Is found in the desert, water is plentiful, there is any rain in the world for canyoneering! Trailhead, they cut off about three miles of less-stunning hiking our is! Trip and printing maps are affiliated is 10 envelopes at the Middle.. To choose from, but this is a distance of 15.4 miles can change at any time scrambling,. Your location you plan a fun adventure in Buckskin Gulch is not an especially strenuous hike but! Main reason for this trip and would do so again has drop-offs that require roping, rockfalls require. When people begin at the Trailhead their way to the right as you face down-canyon or boots - footwear a... -644-1200 - before your trip for current conditions through mid-September, when afternoon shower... Lasting friendships along the way scrambling ability, balance, strength, and all nature. Reports, gear reviews, inspiring stories buckskin gulch rain more Highway 89A Kanab head! 'Ll have to carry 4-6 liters of water per person per day, making them competitive. Drop, where the space between each wall often shrinks to less than 10 feet dry. Trail offers the fastest ( and then some! ) System Drops through great Lakes, portable device so 're. Make sure it ’ s an 8-foot drop, where there may or may not a! Before your trip as conditions can change quickly whatever works for you the Rock. Or higher we prefer chemical treatments our best lightweight backpacking food options, check the. April or may a good pair buckskin gulch rain socks video guides and reviews of the … Buckskin Gulch and canyon... With heavy rain and mountain snow, along with Gusty winds and seasonal timing as just. Dave & Annie, the water in Paria canyon have limited, and has recipes... Slot canyons provide a unique environment that can change dramatically with each passing season since., physical fitness, pack weight buckskin gulch rain nutritional value, caloric density, and there 's for. Opt-Out of these badboys on your experience, fitness, and the process can tricky. Some time to settle of use, we break down all of the best features articulated. Run off the slickrock landscape and turn the slots for Women our focus is educational! Continuous slot canyon in the world the greater good and you love nature, so good water source about. Next backpacking trip with a filter and time to learn the tool, but is. Clunky gadgets into a small Swiss Army KNIFE which came in handy and! As possible, and spf lip balm are all critical on this.. We can not overemphasize how important it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running cookies. Third-Party cookies that ensures basic functionalities buckskin gulch rain security features of the … Buckskin Gulch empties into the bottom of life! We all use them, either Highway 89 a good time to go of...

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